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eKnowlogie announces version 5 of its ColdFusion to Java Migrator, a software transformation tool to automatically migrate ColdFusion applications to Java J2EE (including ColdFusion 9.0 and MX). The Migrator transforms the original monolithic ColdFusion application into a new modularized, reusable Model-View-Controller application architecture. This target architecture separates the original application into these three Model, View and Controller layers. The presentation layer is implemented with JSP's, the controller layer is implemented with the Spring 3.1 MVC framework, and the back-end SQL access or model layer is implemented with MyBatis 3.1.

Our controller architecture with Spring 3.1 MVC relies on @MVC annotations and stereotypes, eliminating the need for separate XML configuration, and thus simplifying the architecture and enhancing its readability. Our model architecture with MyBatis 3.1 also makes use of annotations to eliminate the need for XML configuration and fully encapsulates SQL access within the MyBatis ORM in Java, so that persistent model manipulation relies solely on the object model throughout the rest of the application. Our ORM is extended to further encapsulate SQL query manipulation of arbitrary Java object structures.

This migration process allows these migrated ColdFusion web applications to rely only on the latest Java open-source, industry-wide standard frameworks and servers. The ColdFusion Migrator increases the readability, modularity, maintainability, security, scalability and performance of the migrated applications; it creates a new modular MVC architecture and it eliminates the inherent run-time overhead associated with the prototyping-style, interpretive nature of ColdFusion.

eKnowlogie complements its product offering with cost-effective consulting or outsourcing services to actually perform such migration, either at the customer's site or inhouse at the eKnowlogie offices.

This refactoring environment was designed and developed by the research and development team who created for the U.S. Air Force the only commercially viable technology for the automatic transformation and modernization of the embedded real-time Jovial software systems used in the F-16 airplane, helicopters and other aircraft.

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