eKnowlogie is a U.S. software technology company founded to create advanced specialized technologies not available anywhere else.

CardProfit is a strategic business intelligence software application for the banking industry, used to increase the profitability of credit card and pay­ments products in multi-dimensional segmented markets through a bench­mark-driven process for maximum potential value source iden­ti­fi­cation to support goal setting, valuation and monitoring.

CardProfit es un aplicativo de inteligencia gerencial para la industria ban­caria, usado para incrementar la rentabi­li­dad de productos de tarjetas de crédito en mercados segmentados multi-dimensionales, a través de un proceso de clasificación de benchmarks unitarios conducente a la iden­tificación de las máximas fuentes potenciales de valor, y la arti­cu­lación, valuación y el monitoreo de metas.

CardProfit para o Negócio dos Cartões de Crédito é uma ferramenta estratégica de inteligência gerêncial que traga à indústria bancária uma visão dinâmica nova que redefine os padrões da extração, análise e visualização de margens, variáveis e indicadores periódicos do lucro e produtividade do negócio dos meios do pagamento em mercados segmentados.

The USAF F-117 Nighthawk made avia­tion history as the first airplane to fly with embedded avionics soft­wa­re reengi­neered automatica­lly with the previous-gene­ration of our software refactoring techno­logy.

Migrate your ColdFusion application sour­ce code automatically to the Java EE Model-View-Con­tro­ller architecture with JSP's, Spring 3.1 MVC and MyBatis 3.1, and rely only on the latest Java standard frameworks!


Ramiro Sacasa, CEO of Global Payments, recently offered a 2-day seminar on "Better CRM Practices for Credit Card Issuers". The seminar was sponsored by Visa International and took place at Visa International's headquarters in Miami, Florida. The seminar was attended by re­pre­sen­tatives of over 45 different banks in the Americas. During the seminar, Mr. Sacasa chose eKnowlogie's CardProfit as the best tool in the market for analytical strategic CRM and profitability decision making.


Procter & Gamble selected eKnow­logie for the automatic mi­gra­tion of a product line web application from Cold­Fusion with Oracle to Java J2EE with JSP and JDBC. The project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.


General Motors, the second largest com­pany in the U.S., selected eKnow­logie for the automatic mi­gra­tion of a suite of 42 Cold­Fusion applications to Java JSP J2EE. The project was completed under budget and 40% ahead of sche­dule.


Industry Canada, a Department of the Government of Canada, selects eKnowlogie.

Bell Helicopter selects eKnowlogie for the conver­sion of ColdFusion applica­tions.

eKnowlogie migrates the most popular automotive site in Scandinavia, with over 20,000 cars for sale.

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